is the removal of a suckling animal from the mother. But, what might not be so

obvious are all the stressors and impacts associated with weaning, both for the

calf and the cow. Weaning can also be stressful for the owner of the animals, especially

if the weaned calves are placed in a pen near a person’s bedroom window. As

animal managers, we should try and make weaning as stress-free as we can, while

keeping productivity and profitability in line with our goals (j.w. oltijen.

1998 et. al)


are many considerations for weaning, including time of weaning, preparation for

weaning, method of weaning, and post-weaning management. Different strategies

of weaning affect performance of the calf (market weight, health, etc.) and the

cow (reproductive efficiency, cull weights, health, etc.), and therefore can

affect profitability.




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