Role of communication development in a community, A Case study Lagelu Local Government

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1.1Background to the study

The word communication is an interdisciplinary term. Evidences have shown that no man can exist without communication. It has a very great impact on human existence. It gives man the chance to transmit his thought, memories and emotion. This highly occasioned by man to interact with his fellow man. In addition there must be a common understanding communication can therefore be define as the transferring of a though or message to another party so that it can be acted upon and understood.

Communication is interactional process of the transmission of a message by employing a socially shared code. It is important in the area of development. Therefore massire efforts must be directed at facilitating the people’s access to require information in spite of prevailing state of illiteracy as it is known that man is the only creature embedded with the ability to talk and create symbols and also a scribe interpretation to the message.

Communication is the discriminatory response of an organism to stimulus in which could only deal with one person to another so that it can be understood. Specifically, effort must be made to find the means of facilitating access to knowledge and information to non-literate who consist the majority of rural dwellers.Osuala E.C. (1993)

Generally, there are more non-literate than literate in the country whether rural or urban. The necessity of information as supportive input for major development programme is perhaps just the beginning to receive wide acceptance in this part of the world. Nigeria not an exemption at this recognition and acceptance is either very low or absolutely and acceptance in some areas of the country. No doubt the rate at which our rural communities are being abandoned for towns and cities in terms of development may continue un-abated and spell down attention is given to the role and impact of communication in community development process.

Communication also enhances control and performance without any lota of doubt communication has a special function in any business concern that is why communication is more than talking with or writing to people. If on entres and organization as an unobtrusive observer, one would definitely see people sitting at desks, standing at machines talking on the phone.

Furthermore, communication also removes the belief that fate controls everything and man cannot be undermined and underestimated. Communication is very vital that many scholars and observers belief that without it, life itself will be meaningless because communication human being interact and inter-relate with each other and one another to share meanings without adequate flow of information people would be cut off from the next of the world, the general belief that people need to solve their problem in their own way but this cannot be where there is communication breakdown either between the community concerned and the government necessity information for adequate and un-interrupted flow of information cannot be exhausted, prompt and adequate information will not only make for a better understating and appreciate of the relevance of new programmers to their everyday living but will also encourage a closer link between the initiators and beneficiaries of development effort. Information must be flowing to cover such processes of national integration in order to reduce the high rate of heterogeneity asenumerale below:-

1. The ability of the people in a community to organize themselves for some common purpose to being relief to themselves through communal efforts or to create new organization to carry out new purpose.

2. The communication gap between the government and the governed must be bridge so as to reduce opportunities for misunderstand conflict frustration and untold hardship as a result of the gap between the elite and the masses.

3. The speaking language best understand by people for total participation of those concerned

4. The bringing together of people of discreet groups both culturally and socially into a single territorial unit.

Communication is basically oral, written or demonstration. It been exhibited in the following.

Internal communication, group communication and mass communication.

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