Mangoes are grown in tropical and subtropical
regions with india leading world production. The fruit is a good source of
fibers and vitamins (Tedjo et al, 2002) and is described as the most favourite
and valuable fruit in world market (olli et al., 1996). Besides, the fruit is
rich in antioxidants and therefore reduces the risk of cardiac disease,
anti-cancer and anti-viral activities (Schieber et al., 2003, Barreto et al.,
2008, Daud et al. 2010). Daud et al., (2010) indicated that the mangiterin
present in mango extracts may have health promoting effects in diseases related
to the impaired formation of new blood vessels. In Nigeria, mangoes are both
popular and valuable fruits. The success of mango cultivation in Nigeria could
be attributed to the diverse environmental conditions across the country which
extends the fruiting season to six months a year (saeed et al., 1975).
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