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INTRODUCTIONBugembe Town Council is located in the eastern part of Jinja District along the Jinja–Tororo highway, about 4 km from Jinja Municipality, which is the second largest town of Uganda in the Country. It is a home for most civil servants at the district and for the workers in most of the factories around, for example; Bidco Uganda Limited, Steel Rolling Mills Limited, etc. This has led to an increase in the demand and market for home commodities and to the development of small scale...

Assesing cracks in buildings

To assess defects of cracks in buildings

Management of Materials on Building Construction Site

 .Abstract. The paper considers the management of materials on building construction sites. In thestudy, method of material procurement practice on construction site, factors affecting material management on building construction site as well as causes wastages on construction sites were determined. The study further Suggest measures for effective material management in construction site. Data for the study was obtained through a structured questionnaire administered to respondents ...

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The Roles And Impacts Of Transportation In Nigerian Society

ABSTRACTTransportation is the basis for economic, social and political development in most societies as it exhibits a close relationship to the style and quality of living of the society. Transportation plays an important role in the day-to -day activities of the society. Some of the roles it plays in our societies are the subject of this paper. This paper therefore attempts to illustrate the roles and impacts of transportation in Nigerian society by considering such roles as social, economic...

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Study Of Factors Affecting Construction Cost Performance In Nigerian Construction Sites

ABSTRACT                                                                                              Maintaining steady cost projection on construction projects had been until recently an issue of serious concern, both to the client and project contractors...

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Conflict Management in Nigerian Construction Industry: Project Managers’ View

AbstractConflict is a natural phenomenon in the construction project management as in other areas of human activities as its importance being accepted if positively managed. . Despite different types of conflict resolution, arbitration and mediation conflict in construction projects remained unending and project abandonment flourishes in Nigerian construction industry, however the involvement of Project Managers as a leader who should maintain conflict within the project is worthy of precise ...

Building Failure and Collapse in Nigeria: the Influence of the Informal Sector

ABSTRACTThe occurrence of building failure and collapse has become a major issue of concern in the development of this nation as the magnitudes of this incident are becoming very alarming. This paper therefore examines the incidents of building failure/collapse in Nigeria. By focusing on six major states from each of the six geo-political regions of the country, the paper examined the contributory role of the informal sector to this decadence. The study indicated that the building failure and...

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Challenges construction estimators encounter when estimating construction projects

In a construction project as in any other projects, one of the first steps is to obtain the cost estimate for the project. For a construction project to be successful, the contractor has to first get a cost estimate. This will be the basis (the foundation) on which his tender, and consequently his execution of the whole project will be based. A defunct cost estimate may therefore lead to a bad job execution. On the other hand over-estimation for a project may prevent the contractor from winni...

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