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Testing of random walk hypothesis of Rwanda stock market returns

ABSTRACT The behavior of stock market returns is a central issue to the theory and practice of asset pricing, asset allocation, and risk management. The supporters of the Efficient Market Hypothesis claim that stock price indices are basically random and as such any speculation based on past information is fruitless. These papers investigate the Random Walk (RW) behavior of stock market return of Rwanda. The naïve random walk model was...


One of the most difficult tasks of man throughout his history on earth has been his quest to understand himself, his relationship with his fellowmen and the environment in which he lives. In this apparent unending endeavor of man to change himself from a state he consider bad to good, and from good to better.

Critical Review of a Technology and Economics Article

The article Digital Technology and Institutional Change from the Gilded Age to Modern Times: The Impact of the Telegraph and the Internet describes the difficulties that exist when trying to create an accurate economic model showing responses to new, economy changing, technologies. The author Ronnie Phillips mainly focuses on institutional economics and, by showing the history of other technological advances, the need for institutional a...

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Economics In Action

The manager of Quality Parts Company has been contemplating installing an automated ordering system to help control inventories and to "keep the skids filled." (She feels that two days of work in front of a workstation motivates the worker to produce at top speed.) She is also planning to add three inspectors to clean up the quality problem. Further, she is thinking about setting up a rework line to speed repairs. Although she is pleased with ...

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Economics in Asia

Since the mid 1960s, Pacific Asia has had a remarkable rate of economic growth. This growth has been sustainable and faster than all other regions of the world (see fig. 1). This region consists of twenty-three economies but it was just eight who caused most of this amazing growth. The eight were Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, (the “Four Tigers”) Japan and the newly industrialised economies (NIEs) of south-east A...

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Economics of Computers

Introduction and Background The computer service industry can be broken down into several categories ranging from reseller to consultant. Entré Computers / Executive Business Machines Inc. (EBM) was a sales and service organization for typewriters at its inception in 1972. However, as the corporate market shifted its needs from typewriters to word processors to personal computers, so did EBM change its product line to meet that demand.

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Nigeria: Pathway to Poverty Alleviation.

AbstractThis paper analyses Nigeria’s poverty alleviation strategies since 1960. There is an indication that despite attempts at curbing poverty through poverty alleviation strategies, Nigeria’s poverty level continues to increase in a worrisome dimension with poverty remaining a hydra-headed monster. The failure of these strategies to reduce Nigeria’s poverty burden has been attributed to several factors including corruption, the multiplicity of programmes which lead to overlapping fun...

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The Impact of Agriculture on Economic Growth in Nigeria: 1980-2014

AbstractThe study examines the impact of agriculture on economic growth in Nigeria from 1980 to 2014. Agriculture played a dominant role in the economic growth of the country, providing employment opportunity, raw materials for industries and providing foreign exchange earnings for the country. Though little emphasis was placed on agricultural productivity in the advent of crude oil, the impact of agriculture on economic growth has been significant. The study therefore examines some policy pr...

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Impact Analysis Infant and Child Mortality in Nigeria

ABSTRACT.The first five years of life are the most crucial to the physical and intellectual development of children and can determine their potential to learn and thrive for a life time. That is why it is specifically stated as one of the goals of the MDGs to reduce infant mortality by two thirds by 2015. Although there has been a substantial reduction in infant and child mortality rates in most developing countries in the recent past, it still remains a major public health issue in Sub-Sahar...

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ABSTRACTI have written the term paper on the unsatisfied, a gaping needed in the impact of petroleum products scarcity on the Nigeria economy According to Okon (1999). The under funding cists of NNDC has accounted for its poor performance with respect to output and the consequence is scarcity  Jayesini (1999) explained that the cartel of bankers would do everything to interrupt efficient full supply, would will occasion so that the black market will continue to boom. Speaking on wh...

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INTRODUCTIONA "fund of funds" (FOF) is an investment strategy of holding a portfolio of other investment funds rather than investing directly in stocks, bonds or other securities. This type of investing is often referred to as multi-manager investment. A fund of funds may be 'fettered', meaning that it invests only in funds managed by the same investment company, or 'unfettered', meaning that it can invest in external funds.There are different types of 'fund of funds&...

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INTRODUCTION1.1 PREAMBLENigeria is a leading oil producing country in Africa; she is the second longest producer of oil after Libya, while she ranks as the eight leading produce in the world. Since Nigeria’s first export of crude oil in 1959 the community has became the centre price of the country’s foreign exchange.Nigeria has become heavily dependent on her oil revenue to the neglect of her agricultural sector, which preciously was the main stay of the country’s economy.Before Nigeria...

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Dynamic Analysis of Inflation and Exchange Rate Volatility on the Nigerian Economy (1970-2010)

ABSTRACTThis paper examines the dynamic relationship between inflation and exchange rate volatility in Nigeria for the period 1970 to 2010 using Johansen Cointegration Technique. GARCH and ARCH (1,1) technique was employed to analyse the Volatility in Exchange Rate, and it was observed that the Exchange Rate was volatile over the study period. Augmented Dickey-Fuller was employed to determine the order of integration, and it was observed that the variables exhibited stochastic trend. Johansen...

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