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Water Treatment and Purification Process: A Case Study of KIWASCO treatment Plant in Kisumu,Kenya

 Water supply and Sewerage services in urban areas have in the past commonly been provided by monopolized Municipal Councils under the previous Local Government Ministry. As part of a general move by the sector to shift to market-led systems by restructuring the sector, a new paradigm emerged to transform water utilities into more modern service delivery companies that emphasize on operational and financial sustainability. This report presents findings on attributes of a well-run Water T...

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Production, Characterization and biodegradability of Biodiesel from Mangifera indica Kernel oil

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION             Energy is essential to man’s continued existence. Today, the energy used by most industrialized and developing nations is oil, coal and natural gas. This need of energy is increasing continuously,1 fossil fuel reserves are fast depleting, crude oil prices are soaring and there is considerable uncertainty in their near-future availability. Countries lacking petroleum-ba...


ABSTRACTIn this research project, the various nail was subjected to six environments so as to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails.Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each type while the other not coated.The environments used are acidic solution, alkaline solution, salt solution, boiled water, air medium and lubricating oil medium, which served as a control medium.It was observed from the graphs of the weight of metal against time...

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