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Design and Implementation of an Online NYSC Orientation Camp-traveling Guide

ABSTRACTAll of us travel at least once in our life and when we are at a new place one of the major issue we face is that being naive to that place we don't know the roads and routes. There are times when you want to be at a particular place in a new  city on time and you start your journey to reach that place on time, but as you are new and at the same time are not aware of the routes you get late. It is a good idea to have a map rather than getting confused about the roads in a new...

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Introduction to Computers

IntroductionThe computer as we know it is a group of pieces of hardware put together to get a job done faster. To accomplish its various tasks, the computer is made of different parts, each serving a particular purpose in conjunction with other parts. You don't necessarily need to know how these parts operate, at least not at this time, but you should be aware of their co-dependence to take advantage of their various characteristics.  The "computer" is an ensemble of different machi...

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