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Influence of genetics and environment on grain quality.

AbstractWheat grain quality are strongly influenced by the effects of environment during grain fill. Environmental variables such as temperature, water and fertilizer influence the rate and duration of wheat grain development, protein accumulation and starch deposition in unique ways, and by different mechanisms. The effects of environment are superimposed on the intrinsic temporal patterns of gene expression during grain development. Integration of genomic and proteomic studies with developm...

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The Social Economic Effects of Fuel Scarcity in Nigeria

INTRODUCTION Just like water and air is important to the living human being for daily duties and a hitch – free survival, the importance of fuel to automobile cannot be over looked.  A typical situation is in the cases halts because of the fact that there is shortage of fuel.  The importance of fuels in this our developing and technically inclined economy is fast like the mixture of oil an...

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