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Phonological Sound of Children

ABSTRACTThe lack of culturally appropriate norms for assessing the speech and language status of children has been an ongoing issue. At present, there are no normative data against which to assess the phonological skills of children. The purpose of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of phonological awareness (PA) training with typically developing preschool children in a classroom setting. The study used sample of 50 preschool children through the guidance of their teachers. Qu...

A Research Study On Attitude Of Nurses Towards Relapse Prevention Among Psychiatric Patients In Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Barnawa, Kaduna

ABSTRACTThe problem of every hospital when the targeted objective is not achieved is that there is something wring either with health care givers, the patients or the general public. In order to improve the standard of health of the patients and keep them progressively fit. The reason why such lapse are present here to be sought and the remedy met in order to achieve the set objective of the hospital. This study is based on the Attitude of nurses towards Relapse prevention among psychiat...

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