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Research Paper on 2014 Ludian Earthquake in China

AbstractOn August 3, 2014, the Ludian County of Yunnan Province in southwestern and northeastern Yunnan Province, China, was struck by an MS 6.5 earthquake at 16:30 (Beijing Standard Time). That was another destructive event after the MS 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, MS7.1 Yushu earthquake in 2010, and MS 7.0 Lushan earthquake in 2013. The earthquake which was very strong occurred on the margin of the Tibetan plateau in a rural area of Ludian county.The epicenter (103.3° E, 27.1...

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Role of NGOS for Long Term Humanitarian Assistance after disaster

Disaster is a severe disruption of the functioning of society which poses momentous, extensive threat to human life, health, property, or the milieu, whether developing suddenly or as the result of long term process. The increasing regularity and severity of contemporary disasters has highlighted the need for effective emergency management regimes .Over the past four years, countless volunteers...

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Study of Water Resource Management in Lahore

The first Muslims lived in a desert, so they were very concerned about water conservation .In Holy Quran the word WATER has been used 63 times in Arabic word  Ma’. Water is a gift from God. Water is an essential resource for all life on the planet. Of the water resources on Earth only three percent of it is fresh and two-thirds of the freshwater is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. Of the remaining one percent, a fifth ...

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