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Visiting the Concept of Corporate Criminal Liability

ABSTRACTCompany law forms one of the major areas of law today in Nigeria. The basis of this research work is to focus on the concept of criminal liability of corporations in Nigeria. In this regard, it basically looks at the corporation as a legal personality or as a person who can be liable for a crime just like a natural person. And therefore it looks at the various crimes that can be committed by a company under Nigerian law and the corresponding penalties for such an offence or offences.&...

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Women's rights to inheritance in Nigeria

ABSTRACTThe general belief in Nigeria is that women are inferior to men, and this has a negative impact on women as regards succession under customary laws. Hence, the issue of gender discrimination remains a bane in the society despite various attempts both at the international and municipal level to curb such excesses.This paper examines the rights Nigerian women have to inherit under the customary/intestate laws of the major ethnic groups (Ibo, Yoruba and Benin) in Nigeria, as we...

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