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                                                                          ABSTRACTThe report States the ex...

Mekwunye Jayden 42 PAGES (6497 WORDS) Urban And Regional Planning Essay/Paper 0 Views 0 Orders
Impact of urbanization on fct abuja

INTRODUCTIONUrbanization refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas or the gradual increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas and the ways in which each society adapts to the change. It is predominantly the process by which towns and cities are formed and become larger as more people begin living and working in central areas (Wikipedia). The United Nations projected that half of the world's population would live in urban areas at the end of 2038. It is predi...

Arise Olajide Premium 35 PAGES (2500 WORDS) Geography And Environmetal Studies Seminar 194 Views 0 Orders
Land use act, 1978, and sustainable housing delivery in jos south local government area.

ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to critically examine the Land Act of 1978, and identify the effects on sustainable housing delivery in Jos South Area of Plateau state with a view of arriving at logical conclusion. The three principal survey techniques used include administration of questionnaire, interviews and observations. The choice of these survey techniques was to enable the ...

Murtala Lamidi Premium 64 PAGES (16643 WORDS) Urban And Regional Planning Project 391 Views 0 Orders
Management Of Cost Overrun In Selected Building Construction Project In Ilorin

INTRODUCTIONThe construction industry is a very  important sector of the  Nigerian  economy.   It contributes significantly to its Gross National Product. The rapid growth in Nigeria's economy and population, particularly during the oil-boom years, required additional physical infrastructures to accommodate additional inputs to various components of the TCSS national product. Thus, the construction industry has a weighted influence on all sectors of the Nigerian econo...

Anderson Ugwu Premium 10 PAGES (3005 WORDS) Quantity Surveying Essay/Paper 2136 Views 0 Orders
Neighborhood Citizenship Participation In Environmental Planning And Management In Lagos State: The Estate Surveyors’ View

ABSTRACTSound environmental planning is in the interest of the society and as such those whose neighborhoods are being planned must be carried along through intensive participation as provided for in the existing environmental planning legislations. In the opinion of the general public, this is not seen to be entirely the case in Lagos State. Therefore, this paper is a study into existing planning legislations in Lagos State with emphasis on the opportunities provided for citizen participatio...

Anderson Ugwu Premium 18 PAGES (5152 WORDS) Estate Management Essay/Paper 898 Views 0 Orders
Planning Implications of Housing Development in Jos Jarawa District, Jos North, Plateau State, Nigeria.

ABSTRACTThis study aims at examining the housing development in Jos Jarawa. 150 households were surveyed across the District employing simple random sampling technique in order to generate data on the physical, social and economics characteristics of households. The analysis revealed that residents are of high density zone with their occupation of householders being served as basis for establishing status. It assumes that the status of a person translates into his earning, which also influenc...

Bakare Ismail Premium 110 PAGES (21312 WORDS) Geography And Environmetal Studies Project 388 Views 0 Orders

ABSTRACTClimate unpredictability and change in climatic parameters have direct influence on environment and human existence. A negative change in the climate, always have its corresponding dysfunctional impacts on man and the ecosystem globally or locally. Flooding poor agricultural yields famine, and even death are some of the catastrophic effects of drastic climate change.Knowledge and information on the climatic variation parameters in an environment is very vital for environmental study a...

Felix Aloku 19 PAGES (5761 WORDS) Geography And Environmetal Studies Project 1308 Views 0 Orders

ABSTRACTConstruction industry is a very challenging and complex sector. The ability to control and communicate with various stages, process and parties to meet the project objectives are not an easy job and these responsibilities are on the professionals shoulders. Besides that, the professionals are also facing their own crisis and dilemma as an ethical professional. This study is focusing on three group of professionals; engineers, architects and quantity surveyors. The objectives of this s...

Aminuddeen Ibraheem Premium 85 PAGES (18184 WORDS) Quantity Surveying Project 13 Views 0 Orders

A campus development plan is the deliberate spatial organisation of human activities to achieve the highest possible social and economic benefit, convenient and aesthetics in the light of available resources of land, manpower, finance, technology, time among others. (Jeriko, 1998)Section 91 of the urban and regional planning law of 1992, decree no. 88 defines a development plan as...

Aminuddeen Ibraheem Premium 10 PAGES (1556 WORDS) Urban And Regional Planning Essay/Paper 65 Views 0 Orders

INTRODUCTIONAccording to M-Kawu (The Ground Work Of Property Valuation) Market value is easy to determine when the consumer goods are involved. The sellers and the buyers are in close contact and are therefore aware of what is happening in the market.No professional is required to advise on the price of a measure of rice in any market. One does not require an expert to tell him the price of an elephant blue detergent in the market. The value or price of the items will come out naturally throu...

BAGO INSANO 25 PAGES (1000 WORDS) Estate Management Essay/Paper 1278 Views 0 Orders

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