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Assessment Of Construction Management Techniques In Nigeria Construction Industry

ABSTRACT Construction Management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a construction project by using modern construction management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, and quality and participation satisfaction. Project management in construction encompasses a set of objectives which may be accomplished by implementing a series of operations subject to resource constraints. There are potential confl...

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Cost Control Techniques Used On Building Construction Sites in Uganda

ABSTRACTMany projects in Uganda and the world over have suffered from cost and time overruns due to factors stemming from poor cost control during the design and project implementation stages. Research aimed at studying the cost control techniques being used in Uganda was done on a selection of 130 contractors involved in the construction of buildings in Nakawa division, Kampala City. It specifically studied the cost control techniques currently being used by individual developers; the proble...

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ABSTRACTIt is interesting to bring to light the demands challenges and development in the twenty-first century the key role of the quantity surveying profession in the economic with emphasis on an appraisal of the quantity surveyor cost control in Nigeria construction industry. The work shall attempt to explore the quantity surveyor who is essentially cost expert whose prime task is to ensure that contract sum of project is kept within the client’s approved budget (cost limit) and resources...

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“Evaluation of the Problems of Rent Collection as Aspect of Property Management in Enugu State.

ABSTRACTRent is a periodic payment made to an owner of a property for the use of such property. This payment is on the increase n modern times due to several factors which includes increase in the price of goods, inflation and greed on the part of landlords. Similarly, the collection of rent is limited by a lot of problems which often results to rifts between landlords and tenants. However, these problems of rent collection can be solved successfully, thereby promoting a cordial landlord –t...

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Design and Provision of a Central Administration (senate) Building for Caritas University

The project shall be based on provision of a central administration building which is the senate building for Caritas university which will accommodate the following; the vice –chancellor’s office, the registry, the planning unit, students affairs department, bursary and general administration.The senate also houses the senate chamber and the council chamber.Caritas University came into existence in 2005 and from inception; the university senate has been within the administrative block wh...

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A Design Proposal for a Regional Secretariat Building for the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) in Enugu State

Architecture is the practice of building design and its resulting products; customary usage refers to those designs that are customarily significant.Architecture is to building as literature is to the printed word. More prosaically, one would say today that architecture must satisfy its intended uses, must technically be sound and must convey aesthetic meaning. But the best buildings are often so well-constructed that they outlast their original use. They then survive not only as beautiful ob...

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Fire Service Station 9th Mile Corner Enugu

This thesis report is properly documented to facilitate the presentation of the proposed fire service station.The existence of fire service station in Nigeria and its system of operation which enhances the design of proposed station. Although there are some various problems which are to be tackled like circulation, zoning and other services.Nevertheless there are several goals that are achieve through the study and design of fire station by providing good circulation system, adequate services...

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A Design Proposal for a Modern Staff Secondary School Case Study Caritas University

Throughout history, education has always been man’s most important activity. Infect, man cannot carry on government, family life, religion or earn a living without some form of education. School then is a shelter and a stage that brings people together on daily business, generating intellectual abilities in life and growing up.Education can be the transmission of values and accumulated knowledge of a society or the process by which an individual gains skills. Social scientists term it socia...

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The Effects of Land Use Act on Sustainable Housing Provision in Nigeria: The Lagos State Experience

ABSTRACTWe have watched over the decades the problems encountered in acquisition of land and subsequently in obtaining the approval of certificate of occupancy and housing delivery in Nigeria. In the commencement of the Land Use Act 1978, it was stated that “whereas it is in the public interest that the rights of all Nigerians to the land of Nigeria be asserted and preserved by law”. Our concern is not really another criticism against the Act but an in-depth evaluation of how it has achie...

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INTRODUCTION1.1 BACKGROUND AND NEED FOR THE STUDYAlthough the various governments in the federation could acquire land at any time by working their power of eminent domain they still (most in the south) face the problem of rigidity associated with native laws and customs. In an attempt to breakdown these rigidity the various land laws were enacted by government among which are public land acquisition decree No 33 of 1976 the state land compensation decree No 38 and the latest of the laws conc...

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The Effects of Slum on Rental Property Values in Obiagu

The aim of the study is to examine the effects of slum on rental property values in Obiagu. To achieve this aim, the following objectives were raised, they are:a. To identify the causes and effects of slum on rental property values in the study area. b. To establish the negative and positive effects of slum on rental property values in the study area. c. To establish whether slum environment makes investment in real estate and property market transactions, a viable venture. BAC...

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A Comparatuve Analysis of Rental Variation in Residential and Commercial Properties in Nigeria

Location of economic properties has been a difficult concept to understand.  Although the primary objective of commercial properties is the derivation of financial gains, while that of residential properties is for habitation, shelter and comfort, the demand for land is a reflection of the profitability or utility derivable from its use. The greater the benefit to be obtained from a particular use, the higher the rent that the user will be willing to pay for it.There appear to be wide ra...

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ABSTRACTThis research work is a careful study of effects of water on residential property prices in Owerri capital city of Imo state. The work was a handiwork of thorough and detailed fact finding task about water supply embarked upon by the researcher as is portrayed in various chapters and sections of this report. This work therefore tends to disclose the impact of water to many Nigerian citizens with direct reference to residential property prices of infrastructures in Owerri the capi...

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Environmental Impact Assessment of a proposed Tankfarm (A case Study of OKFTZ, Ondo State)

ABSTRACTThis study was carried out to assess environmental impacts of a proposed tankfarm which is to be situated at the Olokola Free Trade Zone in Ondo State (OKFTZ).It encompasses various field sampling which includes soil, air and noise sampling taken from the proposed site. These samples were tested in the laboratory for parameters such as Total Hydro Carbon, pH values, Total Mean Percentage of Organic Matter, Heavy Metal Investigation, cation concentration. The Total Hydro Carbon which r...


ABSTRACTThis paper suggests a cause of low density urban development or urban sprawl that has not been given much attention in the literature. There have been a number of arguments put forward for market failures that may account for urban sprawl, including incomplete pricing of infrastructure, environmental externalities, and unpriced congestion. The problem analyzed here is that urban growth creates benefits for an entire urban area, but the costs of growth are borne by individual neighborh...

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