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Housing problem in nigeria

Keywords: Housing, development plan, housing quality, housing quantity and housing finance.   Abstract  In Nigeria political, economic, social and environmental factors and the huge foreign exchange accumulated from the rise in oil price in the 1970s have forced previous civilian and military government to intervene in the urban housing crisis. The initial intervention took the form of rent control. The failure and abandonment of the rent control policy led to the policy of public h...

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ABSTRACTThe study assessed the Yankari Games Reserve as a tourist destination by investigating the perception of the tourists who patronize it. The assessment used indicators including the level of patronage in number of tourists attracted annually, wildlife resources of the reserve, infrastructure, facilities and safety. The method employed reconnaissance survey of the reserve for observations and the administering of questionnaires to a sample of the tourists. The sample of 50 respondents, ...

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The Role of Government Agencies in Urban Housing Delivery Insufficient Political Will and Ineffective Housing Administration in Lagos Metropolis - Case Study of Ajegunle, Lagos

ABSTRACTThere is a continuous exacerbation of environmental problems in big cities of today’s world, thereby, diminishing the quality of life in them. Of particular concern is the fact that today’s megacities are evolving in the developing world without corresponding growth in the economy, infrastructure and other human development indices. As urban population continues to grow in these cities of the Global South, governing institutions are usually unable to keep pace with their social re...