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ABSTRACTSub-urban settlement is an area that is usually between urban and rural settlements. They are usually between urban and rural settlements. They are usually found at the peripheries of an urban area. These settlements may not necessarily have facilities of an urban setup but some particularities stands them out and place them at a disadvantage position in terms of valuation. The availability of insufficient comparable, incompatibility of uses and relatively low econom...


For an object to have value it must be scarce in relative to demand, i.e. it has to be limited in supply relative to its demand, this also applies to the case of properties. If an item is in high supply and there is limited demand for it, then ion an economic sense that object has no value. For example, air is useful for many purposes because it is in free supply, it has no economic value. Apart from being a measure of...

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ABSTRACTFacility management is a critical business discipline, identified as an important catalyst that boosts the efficiency of organizations worldwide. The multi varied services it offers makes it an asset not only to organizations but to a nation’s economic development. This study investigates articulately the relevance Facility Management has on the economic development of Nigeria. The results from this study will hopefully create more awareness on the usefulness of Facility management ...

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INTRODUCTIONAccording to M-Kawu (The Ground Work Of Property Valuation) Market value is easy to determine when the consumer goods are involved. The sellers and the buyers are in close contact and are therefore aware of what is happening in the market.No professional is required to advise on the price of a measure of rice in any market. One does not require an expert to tell him the price of an elephant blue detergent in the market. The value or price of the items will come out naturally throu...

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An Examination Of Estate Surveyors And Valuers’ Perception Of Flood Risk On Residential Property Value In Lagos State, Nigeria

ABSTRACTThe increasing incidence of flooding across the globe in recent times and the attendant devastating impact has heightened anxiety among the people, investors, investment advisers, policy makers and prompted media attention. Recent research efforts have focused on the assessment of the impacts on people, environments, activities, future implications and mechanisms of arresting the menace. This study contributes to this body of knowledge by examining the perception of valuation experts ...

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Neighborhood Citizenship Participation In Environmental Planning And Management In Lagos State: The Estate Surveyors’ View

ABSTRACTSound environmental planning is in the interest of the society and as such those whose neighborhoods are being planned must be carried along through intensive participation as provided for in the existing environmental planning legislations. In the opinion of the general public, this is not seen to be entirely the case in Lagos State. Therefore, this paper is a study into existing planning legislations in Lagos State with emphasis on the opportunities provided for citizen participatio...

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Assessing The Effects Of Urban Planning On Residential Property Values In Agege, Lagos

ABSTRACTIn urban centres the essence of land use planning is to ensure that urban activities are organised and developed in physical space with due consideration for protection of public interest which include health, safety, convenience, efficiency, energy conservation, environmental quality, social equity, social choice and amenity. With this background, the study examined the effects of land use planning on residential property values using a comparison of two neighbourhoods in Agege Local...

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