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Thermodynamic Principle Of Energy Conversion

ABSTRACTEnergy conversion engineering (or heat-power engineering, as it was called prior to the Second World War), has been one of the central themes in the development of the engineering profession. It is concerned with the transformation of energy from sources such as fossil and nuclear fuels and the sun into conveniently used forms such as electrical energy, rotational and propulsive energy, and heating and cooling. A multitude of choices and challenges face the modern energy conversioneng...

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ABSTRACT This project as the name implies is chosen, designed and constructed with the intention of transmitting information such as musicals news intertainments programs and soon. And all these that are written above are being transmitted to the atmosphere using an electromagnetic, signal, and this particular project design and construction is exactly the type of electronics, instrument that are mainly used in a Radio Broadcasting House or Studica all over the world and ever in a communi...

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Troughed Belt Conveyor

Conveyor Belt Type

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Ultrasonic Object Detection

Ultrasonic Object Detection ProjectThe main aim of this system is to detect object that will be ahead of ultrasonic transducer. This application is very useful in areas like monitoring and also very useful in wild life photography. There are two main parts of the ultrasonic detector. First one is emitter that produces a 40kHz sound wave. Second one is detector that helps to detect 40kHz sound wave. This signal is then sent back to microcontroller. In this system the ultrasonic module is ...

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Books are forms of media (probably one of the earliest) called the print media.This category of Media is being forced into a fierce struggle for survival by the advent of more recent forms of media, but due to their Unique characteristics, Books are keeping up.TABLE OF CONTENT:MediaTypes of MediaBooksPeople's testimonialsThe UniquenessConclusion

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INTRODUCTIONIn today’s quest for electrical energy and increasing hazards in our environment, alternatives to the use of non – renewable and polluting fossil fuels have to be investigated. One such alternative is SOLAR ENERGY. Solar energy is quite simply, the energy produced directly from the sun and collected elsewhere, on earth. The sun creates its energy through a thermonuclear process that converts about 650,000,000 tons of hydrogen to helium every second. The process creates he...

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User programmable door lock

ABSTRACTThis project report describes the design and construction of an electronic door lock which uses a microcontroller as the main control unit. The project’s objective was to interface this microcontroller with an LCD, keypad and a DC motor. However, programming the PIC chip to perform a task like identifying an authorised user is also among the objectives of this project. Codes were developed in assembly language, complied, debugged and downloaded to the PIC microcontroller. These code...

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Utilization of Waste Plastic and Rubber for Commercial Purpose

ABSTRACTPlastic and Rubber materials have become the corner stone of our lives, so it leads to generation of huge quantity of waste. These waste materials are either mixed with municipal solid waste or dumped in an open area leading to increase in the area covered under waste land. Plastic and rubber waste, if not recycled is either land filled or incinerated, where both of them prove to be a disaster to environment. Incineration leads to air pollution whereas dumping the waste in open areas ...

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ABSTRACT This study has its theme as a utilization studies of Enugu coals with the view of studying its properties, classification, preparation storage etc comparing coals obtained from different locations. The Enugu coal is a sub-bitummous and non coking coal.  It is very rich in waxes and resins, thus it may be suitable for the production of liquid fuels and a range of chemical raw materials. After all necessary studies which includes proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, caeboniza...

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Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)

Voice Over Internet Protocol: This Project is basically on making calls over a local area Network

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