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ABSTRACTThe world today is moving ahead at a very fast pace. Some of the very common examples of fast moving objects are aeroplanes, high speed cars and many more. In our everyday life we come across many fast moving vehicles and so it is very important to measure the speed of these vehicles.This is an era of automation where it is broadly defined as replacement of manual effort by mechanical power in all degrees of automation. The operation remains an essential part of the system although wi...

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Automatic Temperature Control In Vacuum Brazing Furnace Using P.L.C

ABSTRACTBrazing alloys used for brazing the components of gas turbines and aerospace applications contain nickel as the base material. Nickel has highest affinity for oxygen. Incase if components are brazed using nickel as based filter material in air or atmosphere the braze joint will porous and braze strength is not achievable. To avoid the presence of oxygen while brazing, either inert gas furnace or vacuum furnace can be used. Vacuum furnace is superior to inert gas controlled by furnace ...

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ABSTRACTCharging and preserving are major issues in the services of batteries since they are mostly connected to most applications. As many batteries are charged and recharged through their uses the maximum power and capacity of the battery slowly decreases. The phenomenon is termed aging is a particular concern in fields such as the automobile industry where efficient performance and long battery life is essential. Even when the batteries are left for a long time without using them, their pe...

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PREFACEI take this opportunity to present this book title Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology to student of Degrees and Diploma Courses.  The object of this text is to present the subject in matter in more concise, compact to the point and in a lucid manner.While writing this book, I have continuously kept in mind the examination requirements of students preparing for Degrees and Diploma Examinations.In order to make this volume more useful for them, complete problems solutions...

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Behaviour of GFRP strengthened masonry wall panels under base shock vibrations

Masonry structures are prone to extensive damage followed byfailure and collapse when subjected to loads resulting from wind, earthquakeand other natural or man-made events. Recent earthquakes and terrorist actshave clearly demonstrated the need for the development of effective andaffordable strategies for the strengthening of masonry. As a response to thesechallenges, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are found to offertechnically and economically viable solutions. In the context of ...

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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor only

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Biodiesel produce from jatropha seed

Team Oil from [the] Soil is comprised of a group of senior chemical engineers at Calvin College who are proposing an alternative method to producing biodiesel. This alternative entails converting the oil found in seeds from the Jatropha Curcas plant into biodiesel.  Team Oil from [the] Soil plans to design and optimize a full scale plant that extracts and converts the oil found in Jatropha Curcas seeds into a usable diesel fuel substitute. In addition to this, the team plans to build a s...

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IntroductionMeaning of bio fertilizerEffects Uses ConclusionRecommendations

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Biostimulation Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Using Local And Foreign Stimulants

ABSTRACT Bioremediation is an important technology for the restoration of oil polluted environments by indigenous or selected microorganisms. In general, the rate of biodegradation depends on the number and types of micro-organism, the nature and chemical structure of pollutants to be degraded and the environmental conditions. In this study, the efficacy of the biodegradation potentials of foreign (  PETROX HC 500, PETROX HC 600, PETROX HC 100, PETROX HC 1150 AND PETROX HC 339 ) and loca...

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Iloveyou so much

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