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ABSTRACTThis research work was carried out to evaluate the laboratory analysis of pipeline products marketing company (PPMC) depot operations. In the course of the research many scholarly articles on the subject matter were reviewed from which the researcher got lot information concerning the topic at hand. Thus making the research work a reliable source of information as far as facts about petroleum products marketing company (PPMC) is concerned.The Pipeline Inspectorate is charged with...

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Impact Of Digitization Of The Broadcasting Media In Nigeria. A Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA Enugu)

The purpose of embarking on this study was to provide a well-detailed account on the impact of digitization of the Broadcasting Media in Nigeria. The study ascertained the level of media digitization in Nigerian Television Authority, Enugu (NTA) in this Era of ICT and internet operations. The researcher used survey research design to enable her determine the sample size which is 150 through the appropriate statistical method to represent the population of the study. Survey Research Method was...

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ABSTRACTIn this research project, the various nail were subjected to six environments so as to check the effect of the environments on corrosion of the nails.Two sets of nails were used; normal nail and concrete nail.  Six of each type while the other not coated.The research was carried out in the physical chemical laboratory of the institute of management and technology.The environments used are acidic solution, alkaline solution, salt solution, boiled water, air medium and lubricating ...

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ABSTRACTThis project was carried out to ascertain whether the local palm oil met the required standard.  The analytical test carried out include the free fatty acid test the acid value, iodine value moisture, content, saponfication value, peroxide value, specific gravity, colour and viscosity.The specific gravity of the oil sample was determined by comparing its weight when filled with the sample and that of water, while its moisture content was analyzed by oven drying the sample for a p...

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Advanced Fine Finishing Process

ABSTRACTThis technology is so helpful in our everyday life. This paper dealt extensively about the latest technology which is useful for finishing materials with a very high precision. These latest processes are known as Advanced Fine Finishing Processes. In this paper, we gave a thoroughinsight into some of these processes.With the demand of stringent technological and functional requirements of the parts from micro- to nano-meter range, evolution of ultra-precision finishing processes becam...

Design And Fabrication Of An Air Driven Engine

ABSTRACT:The designed air driven engine is an economic friendly enginewhich operates with the aid of a compressed air. in principle, an air drivenengine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an air driven engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work byexpanding compressed air. there is no mixing of fuel with air as there is nocombustion.An air driven engine makes use of compressed air technologyfor its operation the compressed air technology is quit...

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Design And Fabrication Of An Air Compressed Engine

ABSTRACTThe designed Air Driven Engine is an economic friendly engine which operates with the aid of a compressed air. In principle, an Air Driven Engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine. An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. There is no mixing of fuel with air as there is no combustion.An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation The Compressed Air Technology is...

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Design and Implementation of a Software Intercom on LAN

ABSTRACTIn a developing economy like Nigeria financial resources are scarce commodity. Hence, cheaper means of accomplishing tasks even within the presence of scarce resources are always explored.This paper presents the design and implementation of a software intercom on local area network (LAN). The design provides a solution that eliminates the use of expensive hard-wired intercoms and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) by making use of only LAN and full multimedia computer allowing n...

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Automatic Temperature Control In Vacuum Brazing Furnace Using P.L.C

ABSTRACTBrazing alloys used for brazing the components of gas turbines and aerospace applications contain nickel as the base material. Nickel has highest affinity for oxygen. Incase if components are brazed using nickel as based filter material in air or atmosphere the braze joint will porous and braze strength is not achievable. To avoid the presence of oxygen while brazing, either inert gas furnace or vacuum furnace can be used. Vacuum furnace is superior to inert gas controlled by furnace ...

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Production Of Biodiesel From Jatropha Crop

ABSTRACT:    The interest in using Jatropha  curcas  L.  (JCL)  as a feedstock for  the  production  of  bio-diesel  is  rapidly  growing.   The  properties  of  the  crop  and  its  oil  have  persuaded  investors and policy  makers to consider  JCL  as  a  substitute  for  fossil  fuels  to reduce  greenhouse&nbsp...

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Biostimulation Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Using Local And Foreign Stimulants

ABSTRACT Bioremediation is an important technology for the restoration of oil polluted environments by indigenous or selected microorganisms. In general, the rate of biodegradation depends on the number and types of micro-organism, the nature and chemical structure of pollutants to be degraded and the environmental conditions. In this study, the efficacy of the biodegradation potentials of foreign (  PETROX HC 500, PETROX HC 600, PETROX HC 100, PETROX HC 1150 AND PETROX HC 339 ) and loca...

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Cryogenic Science And Engineering

   ABSTRACTThis report is intended for a general insight into cryogenics. Different individuals may have faint ideas about what cryogenics are as much is not known here in Nigeria about what cryogenics are and this report work clearly gave a deeper knowledge of cryogenics     Chapter one gives a brief history of cryogenics and the various cryogenic temperatures that have been achieved since 1800 to 1965. Chapter two gives a general knowledge of the fundament...

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Design of a Hudraulic Escalator

ABSTRACTAn escalator is a moving staircase conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. The device consists of a motor-driven chain of individual, linked steps that move up or down on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain horizontal.Escalators are used around the world to move pedestrian traffic in places where elevators would be impractical. Principal areas of usage are; shopping malls, airports, transit systems, convention centers, hotels, and public buil...

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Thermodynamic Principle Of Energy Conversion

ABSTRACTEnergy conversion engineering (or heat-power engineering, as it was called prior to the Second World War), has been one of the central themes in the development of the engineering profession. It is concerned with the transformation of energy from sources such as fossil and nuclear fuels and the sun into conveniently used forms such as electrical energy, rotational and propulsive energy, and heating and cooling. A multitude of choices and challenges face the modern energy conversioneng...


ABSTRACTPackaging of food which is viable means of  business opportunity has been exploited by individuals and corporate bodies for a very long time because the importance of packaging food products are very enormous ranging from protection of the product to preventing the food from spoiling. There is no way one can successfully go into business of chips production without exploiting a proper means of packaging the product. Over the years, different types of packaging machines have been ...

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