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Advanced Fine Finishing Process

ABSTRACTThis technology is so helpful in our everyday life. This paper dealt extensively about the latest technology which is useful for finishing materials with a very high precision. These latest processes are known as Advanced Fine Finishing Processes. In this paper, we gave a thoroughinsight into some of these processes.With the demand of stringent technological and functional requirements of the parts from micro- to nano-meter range, evolution of ultra-precision finishing processes becam...

An Overview Of Remediation Techniques Of The Environment

ABSTRACTOil spillage which can simply be referred to as the release of oil into the environment (land or water) either through a deliberate act, accident or as a result of equipment failure indeed has an alarming effect on the affected communities due to the fact that it either renders the environmentuseless or sometimes take a longer time for the affected area to have a natural process of attenuation.In addition, having given the necessary compensation to the affected communities in line wit...


ABSTRACTThe technical report presented below is based on the design of mechanism that can be used to open and shut the windows of mechanical engineering workshop from ground level .this mechanism was designed in order to improve safety and convince in their workshop .in the report, the design analysis were made and materials were selected based on operating conditions of each component.The material of the tilt and turn mechanism is cast iron while the material of the lever (handle) is stainle...

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Design and Performance Evaluation of an Ice Block Making Machine

ABSTRACTThe ambient temperature of tropical countries like Nigeria is as high as 40oC during the dry season. This ultimately gives rise to increase in demand for ice which is used to reduce the temperature of water, soft-drinks as well as other uses. This increase in demand for ice block makes the design and construction of a machine which can be used for the production of ice within a short period of time in order to save energy and time imperative and a worthwhile venture. This paper presen...

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ABSTRACTThe rapid increase in energy consumption particularly in the past several decades has raised fears of exhausting the globe’s reserves of petroleum and other resources in the near future. The huge consumption of fossil fuels has caused visible damage to the environment in various forms. Approximately 90% of our energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. Due to industrializations and population growth our economy and technologies today largely depend upon natural resources, which are...


DEFINITION OF A KEY  A key is a piece of steel in inserted between the shaft and a hub of the pulley or the gear, mainly to that power. Key are always inserted parallet to the shaft axis. They are need as temporally fastening and are subjected to considerable cursing and shearing stresses.  A key - way in a slut or recess in the shaft and hub of a pulley to accommodate a key. KEYS A key is a machine member employed at the interface of a pair of mating male and female ci...

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Main Features of Pump and Pumping Systems

INTRODUCTIONThis section briefly describes the main features of pumps and pumping systems. What are pumps and pumping systems?Pumping systems account for nearly 20% of the world’s electrical energy demand and range from 25-50% of the energy usage in certain industrial plant operations (US DOE, 2004).Pumps have two main purposes:1. Transfer of liquid from one place to another place (e.g. water from an underground aquifer into a water storage tank)2. Circulate liquid around a system ...

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INTRODUCTIONPlanned maintenance apart from programming inspection, should include monitoring, logging, periodic checks and tests of system as to guarantee correct day-today hitch free functioning and control of “closed circuit” water systems to maintain trouble-free operations.This first requirement for any maintenance system planned or otherwise is to compile an inventory of all plants and equipment to be maintained. Besides, additional information mus...

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Secondary treatment of pm

Machining:  Sintered parts do have some porosity and it is, therefore, necessary to differentiate their machining behaviour from those of fully dense wrought products. The major differences are, as follows: (i) when a porous metal is machined, the depth of work hardening is more important than for the wrought metal, as in case of former, pores create stress concentration. (ii) The temperature ...

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme in Nigeria Railway Corporation Enugu.

ABSTRACTThe report beamed at relying the student intense knowledge and skill acquired during my industrial training attachment of the Nigeria Railway Corporation  Enugu.  it is a well articulated report that gives a comprehensive hand-or-the job report of the student and each chapters from machine shop, smith, foundry and the react gives an indepth. coverage of the corporation work nature. TABLE OF CONTENTSTitle pageDedication Acknowledgment Abstract CHAPTER...

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