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The Survival Of Igbomina Indigenous Political Structure Under The Ilorin Emirate System In The 20th Century

The motivation to undertake this study on “the survival of Igbomina indigenous political structure under Ilorin emirate system in the 20th century” is born out of increasing question on the identity and tenacity of the culture of Igbomina people and more especially their political system.For over a century, the Igbomina people were under different powerful political authorities. While places like Oke – Ode and Babanloma were under the Nupe authority, places like Oro, Igbaja, Omu- Aran, ...

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The Changing Role Of The Traditional Political Institution In Ibadan In The Twentieth (20th) Century

This study focuses on the events of the 20th century, that is to say from 1900-1999 but as an historical study, the need to apprise the period before the period of focus will provide necessary information that will illuminate the understanding of Ibadan history.  To follow the period before 20th century, a full focus will be on the period to appraise the changes recorded in both the status and role of the Traditional Political Institution in Ibadan.          &nb...

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Abortion And The Value Of Human Life

ABSTRACTAbortion is a moral issue that has attracted a lot of controversial views from both the supporters and the denialists. The arguments of the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers presents abortion as a social phenomenon that has both ethical and moral implications. This is because if we accepts the pro-lifers view that, abortion is bad without any qualification then, such acceptance will be contrary to the principle of situation ethics which recognizes that it is not at all time might justif...

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