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AbstractThe aim of this study was to determine The role of Nigerian Television Authority in the mobilization of the electorates for political elections (A study of 2011 general elections in Makurdi Local Government Area). The study adopted the survey design using the questionnaire as the research instrument. The study addressed three research questions. The findings revealed among others that television has a major role in mobilizing citizens for political elections. The study recommended tha...

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Class Struggle A Case Study Of Festus Iyayi’s Violence And Animata Sow Fall’s The Beggars’ Strike

ABSTRACTThe Concept of Class struggle describes the constant conflict among the existing strata in every society. The purpose of this academic research is to explore the meaning and important of class struggle in the context of the selected texts. The theoretical framework for this research is the Marxist-Leninist theory, which could be simply summarized as the reaction of the exploited to get rid of exploitation and the exploiters. Various styles used by the duo of Iyayi and Falls is describ...

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Class Stratification, Poverty And Social Injustice: A Critical Analysis Of Festus Iyayi’sviolence And Olu Obafemi Wheels

ABSTRACTThis study is set out to analysis the issues of poverty, class stratification and social injustice in Olu Obafemi’s Wheels and Festus Iyayi’s Violence. The purpose is to enlighten Africans on the need to fight against all forms of social injustice. The Marxist theory is adopted for the analysis of this study. The result is that the quest for a classless society is the only way for a better living.TABLE OF CONTENTSTITLE PAGE   i DEDICATION ...

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A Stylistic Analysis Of Bank Advertisements In Nigerian Newspapers

ABSTRACTStylistics is the study of linguistic and non linguistic aspects of style in spoken and written text. Advertising is a form of communication used to help sell products and services. Adverts are not just to fascinate, but rather, they are used by advertisers to achieve their persuasive goals. This study reveals the manner in which language is used in Bank advertisements for conveying messages to the public and the effectiveness of the choice of language. The stylistic elements employed...

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A Metaphysical Analysis Of Amos Tutuola’s The Palmwine Drinkard And D.O. Fagunwa’s The Forest Of God

ABSTRACTThis work focuses on the metaphysical approach as portrayed by Amos Tutuola’s The Palwine Drinkard and D.O Fagunwa’s The Forest of God. This study shows how metaphysics was used in the two plays. Metaphysics is based on the use of myths, gods, medicine and use of god like creatures. The novels are used to show these facts.Research done has helped shed more light on what entails metaphysics and  how it exists in our world and the belief people have in it. TABLE OF CONTENT...

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Book Review A Simplified Guide to Precisio Journalism and Writing

Book Title:  A simplified guide to Precision Journalism and WritingAuthor: Sam O. OmejeCategory/Subject Area:  Journalism Imprint: Enugu Kris ento Production (2010) Suite 25, Pinnacle Plaza, H44 Presidential Road.Pagination: 201 pagesPrice: 550ISBN: 978-33964-7-1 In addition to a distinct introduction and conclusion, this chapter one, the introduction critically examine, precision journalism ranging from journalism and scientific tradition, where craft meet...

Lexico - Semantic Analysis Of Viewpoint Column Of Punch Newspaper

ABSTRACT Facts have been established by researchers and they justify that the English used in Nigeria is a variation of the British English (BE) and not a deviation from the norms of BE. This is an attempt to investigate the extent to which Nigerian columnists use the lexico-semantic features of Nigerian English for their reportings. This work has adopted the lexico-semantic variation of Nigerian English as identified by Babatunde (2001) as our working parameters alongside our data which...

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The Influence Of Television Adverting On Consumer’s Demand For Soft Drink. ( A Case Study Of Seven-Up Bottling Company In Enugu Metropolis)

ABSTRACT This research study focused on the influence of televisions adverting on consumers demand for soft drinks in Enugu metropolis, A case study of Seven-up bottling company.The objectives of which the study was carried out are toFIND OUT how effective the television advertising strategy of seven- up is all how advertising was affected the company.To measures the impact of the advertising programes on the performance of seven-up product of the performance advertising programmes on the pe...

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Politics And Aesthetics In Selected Plays Of Wole Soyinka

ABSTRACTThis study has been embarked upon to present the politics and aesthetics in selected plays of Wole Soyinka paying much attention to his The Beatification of Area Boy and Kongi’s Harvest. The study has been able to extract and discuss the ways in which Wole Soyinka applied cultural artifacts to political issues to depict the happenings in his immediate society. The sociological approach has been used in respect to the Marxist theory. The study has conclusively pointed to the fact tha...

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A Pragmatic Analysis Of Slang And Catchy Phrases Used In Some Selected Nigerian Hip-Hop Songs

ABSTRACT Slangy expressions and catchy phrases are deliberately used in hip-hop songs in order to reduce the degree of vulgarity in the content of the song so as not to disrupt society moral norms, and to increase the rate of acceptability of such song amidst listeners, to avoid direct stating of the name of the referent (s) in a satirical song for instance, and also for singers to create a landmark worth discussing even while the song is no longer in vogue. Aside all these, slang forms and ...

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ABSTRACTThe aim of this research is to determine the effect of electricity power supply interruption on electronic media user with particular emphasis on Television use and Radio.Thus, its aim at determining its impact and its effects on the social and economic life of the television viewers / Radio listeners.  To ensure that adequate and appropriate data were used in the analysis, data were collected through primary and secondary sources, these include questionnaire and interview on one...

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Annotated Bibliograpghy of Selected Commonly Used Textbooks in Anglophone Africa

This annotated bibliography, of major published works on mass communication in Africa (mainly, the Anglophone sub-Saharan region), is the third of such publications that have been undertaken by the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) to promote in the continent the development and wide-spread use of textbooks and other teaching and research materials that are relevant to local conditions and anchored on the experiences of Africa's rich variety of socio-cultural, economic a...

Non-Reception Of English As Second Language In Adults

AbstractIt is observed that quite a number of adults are unable to learn a second language apart from their mother tongue. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the reasons behind the poor or no acquisition of Second Language in adults. We have, therefore, collected our data through questionnaire and employed descriptive statistics, using single percentage in tabular form, bar charts and histograms to analyse our data. The major findings are that 18(30%) of our respondents ag...

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The Ugie Ivie Festival Of Beads Of Benin

ABSTRACTThis study examines the Oba of Benin Royal Ugie ivie festival, which is an annual religious and cultural event celebrated by the Benin speaking people of Edo State, Nigeria. As a communal and spiritual activity, the Oba and people of Benin kingdom mark the Ugie festivals with Musical and dance performances. Within this context, the study adopts the historical and participant approaches as its method of contending that some events during the Oba of Benin Royal Ugie festival ceremonies ...

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A Discourse Analysis Of Naira Has No Gender By Olu Obafemi

ABSTRACTThere have been interests over ages in studying how people communicate during interaction. This interest has lead to the emergence of discourse analysis which has the aim of studying how people communicate using sentence or clauses. In view of this, Naira has no gender, a play by Olu Obafemi, was selected in order to study and interpret how speeches were formed in the conversation between and among interlocutors in the play. Six transactions, which serve as our data were selected from...

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