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The Lexico Semantic Analysis Of The Language Of Promotional Adverts

ABSTRACTAs a form of mass communication closely linked with the world of commerce and marketing, advertising is a powerful tool for the flow of information from the seller to the buyer. It influences and persuades people to act or believe. Sales promotion is a temporary element of the marketing process that is used to raise sales by causing excitement and providing some incentives to subscribers, thereby inspiring them to make a positive patronage decision. Promotional advertising is one of s...

The Origin And Growth Of Elu Ohafia In Present Day Abia State Since 1900

PREFACEThe fundamental importance of this discourse is to highlight the origin and growth of Elu-Ohafia in Abia State of Nigeria and the socio-political and economic life of Elu Ohafia, Abia state.Apparently, there is not much written literature regarding the historical origin of Elu Ohafia.  Much of the conceptual knowledge is oral hence there exist so many school of thought. This underscore the importance of this work as it attempt to research on this fact and provide veritable account...

The Semantic Analysis Of Slang And Jagons In The Nigerian Military Barracks: A Study Of Selected Barracks In Lagos State

ABSTRACTThe role language plays in the context of society or the individual is also referred to by the term function.  Language is used to communicate ideas, to express attitudes, and so on. It may also be used to identify specific situations such as informality or intimacy. Language can also come as slang. While slang is a variety of speech characterized by newly coined and rapidly changing vocabulary, used by the young or by the social and professional groups for ‘in-group’ communi...

IKenna Gerald Premium 59 PAGES (13794 WORDS) English And Literary Studies Project 1,329 Views

AbstractThe aim of this study was to analyze the Influence of African Independent Television as a Watchdog against Child Abuse and labour with a particular focus to Child Trafficking. The study made use of survey research method. Subjects were drawn from Gariki using the purposive sampling technique. The study answered four research questions. From the research findings, it was observed that the programmes aired on AIT helped in discouraging the practice of Child Abuse and Labour. The study r...

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La Vie Politique Du Nigeria Et De La Côte D’ivoire Apres L’independance

INTRODUCTIONChaque pays a sa propre vie politique gouvernement c'est-à-dire « une politique » le sujet de notre mémoire est »La Vie Politique Du Nigeria Et De La Cote D’ivoire Apres L’indépendance » . Nous nous intéressons essentiellement á la politique du Nigeria et de la côte d’ivoire.   Qu’est-ce que la Politique ?La politique, c’est l’ensemble des options prises collectivement ou individuellement par le gouvernement d’un état ou d'une  soc...

Anderson Ugwu Premium 43 PAGES (5979 WORDS) French Project 910 Views

AbstractThe aim of this study was to analysis the influence of News Censorship on the Performance of Media Houses in Nigeria. The aim of this study was achieved using the survey research method. Subjects were drawn from staff of Nasarawa Broadcasting service using the purposive sampling technique. Five research questions were used in the study. The findings of the study showed that, news censorship has negative influence on the performance media houses, news objectivity, accuracy and balance ...

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Candide De Voltaire Et Le Siècle Des Lumières

INTRODUCTION Dans cette introduction  nous allons dire pourquoi nous avons choisi ‘Candide et le siècle des lumières comme sujet de notre mémoire. Après nous allons étudier dans le premier chapitre Voltaire et son œuvre et faire le résumé de cet ouvrage. Dans le deuxième chapitre nous allons étudier le siècle des lumières. Nous allons faire un bref aperçu du 18e siècle, nous allons étudier aussi le concept de la philosophie au 18e siècle et la littérature et sa pré...

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Music As A Language Lectures to Music Students

ABSTRACTMusic has a universal language and it can express any emotion and feeling. Music says different things for different people, but the universally acknowledged thing is that music can express anything.Music is a powerful communication tool, it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Literally Music is addressed as:- An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. - The tones or soun...

Emmanuel Sunday Premium 54 PAGES (17795 WORDS) Creative Arts Book Note/Review 1,057 Views

1. Abdulgafar, Alabelewa: FG jams Radio Biafra’s signal, declares station illegal. The Nation mirror. April 12, 2015. http://nationalmirroronline.netThe Federal Government said on Tuesday that it had succeeded in jamming the transmission signals of Radio Biafra, which had been operating illegally from an unknown location.2. Abdulgafar, Alabelewa: NBC urges public to ignore radio Biafra. The Nation mirror April 11, 2015. http://nationalmirroronline.netThe National Broadcasting Commission (NB...

Influence Of Radio Ownership On Professional Journalism Practice

Objectives of the Study The broad objective of the study is to determine Radio ownership as constraint for professional journalism practice in FRCN.1. To determine how journalist are been restricted from their duty. 2. To ascertain the extent to which journalist protect the confidentiality of their news sources 3. To determine how the constraints can be solved. INTRODUCTIONThe Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria is  the Pioneer Broadcast  Organization in Nigeria...

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Étude Comparée Du Musée En Zone Anglophone Et Francophone : Le Cas D’esie Au Nigéria Et De Ouidah En République Du Bénin

INTRODUCTION Comme le sujet l’indique, notre travail sera consacré aux musées francophone et anglophone. L’histoire du musée est généralement vaste ; nous allons traiter essentiellement les musées d’Esie (anglophone) et de Ouidah (francophone). Avant de commencer  à traiter le musée, nous allons donner une petite définition du musée. Selon Le dictionnaire Larousse (2009), le musée est un : Lieu, établissement où est conservée, exposée, mise en valeur u...

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Influence of “Second Chance” (A foreign television programme on the social behaviour of Nnamdi Azikiwe University students, Awka)

The study had the following objectives:1. To find out if the students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka are aware of the foreign film „‟Second Chance‟‟. 2. To find out how often the students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka watch “Second Chance”. 3. To find out at which extent the students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka prefer watching Second Chance to local films. 4. To find out the reasons they watch Second Chance. 5. To determine if the film has any infl...

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Le Tragique Destin D’antigone Dans Antigone De Jean Anouilh

INTRODUCTION Parler de la littérature, c’est tout simplement parler de la vie politique, sociale, économique ou culturelle d’une communauté donnée. Autrement dit, la littérature est la représentation du vécu social, c’est-à-dire, tous les événements positifs ou négatifs qui arrivent à l’homme dans la société. Nombreux auteurs et écrivains se sont inspirés du vécu quotidien de l’homme comme muse pour nous exprimer leur sentiment et leur état d’âmé. En effet, ce...

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The Influence Of Social Networking On The Academic Performance Of Caritas University Student

Objectives of the Study1. To determine the influence of social networking on the academic performance of Caritas University Students. 2. To ascertain the amount of time students spend on social networking sites.3. To determine the impact of social networking on the grade points of students of Caritas University. INTRODUCTIONThe internet plays a fundamental role in organizations and societies. The basic fact justifies  the  information  revolution  that  has ...

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Le Football Au Nigeria Et En France

INTRODUCTIONConnu également sous le nom de « soccer », le football est un sport collectif opposant deux équipes de onze  joueurs dans un stade. L’objectif primaire de football est de mettre un ballon sphérique dans le but adverse sans utiliser le bras. Pour bien soutenir l’idée avancée dans ce paragraphe qui précède, nous proposons d’or et déjà le sujet de notre travail comme « le football au Nigeria et en France » Ce sujet a été choisi, car nous voulons croire ...

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