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ABSTRACTThe methodology an African scholar adopts in relating his views goes a long way in exposing the genre of African philosophy his works belong to—whether the issues he raise can be said to be typical of philosophical inquiries that relates exclusively to Africans, or if they engender criticisms and reconstructions of worldviews other than African. This paper examines two categories in African philosophy (Universalism and Particularism), adapting from works written by African intellect...

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Aims of A New Epoch

IntroductionIn the paper “Aims of A New Epoch,” Charles Taylor focuses on Hegel’s revolutionary thoughts, a kind of philosophical movement that seemed necessary to the pressing needs of his time. This paper focuses on the paradigm shift around the 17th century from seeing the universe as ordered and predictable by interpretation, to that which has a causal set of contingent correlations, discoverable empirically. At the time Hegel was born (1770), German thought was and literature was a...

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A Detailed History of African Philosophy

ABSTRACTOne of the challenges that have persisted in African philosophy through the centuries is the question, if there is an African philosophy at all. Thus, when one uses the term African, one is asked to contextualize the term: Does it (the term African) refer to the content of the philosophy or does it qualify the identity of the philosophers themselves? Whether resting with the former, or the latter, or making a synthesis of both perspectives, our Western counterparts in the field of phi...

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