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Linguistic Analysis on the Philippine Crime News Broadcasts

This study determined the linguistic devices manifested in the corpus of crime news broadcasts and investigated the strategies employed by the Filipino Journalists in constructing the crime news broadcasts. This study is descriptive - qualitative in nature employing Linguistic Analysis framework, which brought the analysis to two (2) levels: analysis of the devices and on the strategies. The study gathered and transcripted twenty-five (25) mainstream crime news broadcasts from the different t...


ABSTRACTLanguage is a multi purpose and an indispensable instrument for communication in every human endeavour. However, some languages, apart from performing more functions than the others, are also seen as more prestigious than the others. This study focused on the attitudes of people to Pidgin/Creole worldwide. The purpose was to find out to what extent people’s attitudes towards P/C have affected their growth. To explore the possibilities, the researcher used structured questionnaire. T...

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