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The Roles of Middlemen in the Marketing of Paddy Rice in Kwande LGA of Benue State Nigeria

                                      ABSTRACTThe study assessed the role of middlemen in the marketing of paddy rice in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue state. Simple random technique was used to select respondents. 140 copies of questionnaire were administered with the aim of reaching out to 70 rice farmers and 70 middlemen in the four major markets of study area. Frequency distri...

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Thesis proposal

This is just a list of research topics

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Urbanization And Agricultural Production: Implications On Household Food Security Among Rural Communities In Enugu State, Nigeria

CHAPTER ONE 1.0          INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study Urbanization is the increasing number of people that live in urban areas, it predominantly results in physical growth of urban areas be it horizontal or vertical. Urbanization a closely linked to modernization: industrialization and the sociological process of rationalization (Urban Life, 2012). Urbanization can be describe as a specific condition a...

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Utilization Of Improved Cocoyam Production Technologies Among The Women Farmers In Ikwuano LGA Of Abia State

ABSTRACTUtilization of improved cocoyam production technologies among women in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria was studied in 2014. The specific objectives of the study were to; describe the socio-economic characteristics of the women, identifying their source(s) of information, assess their level of utilization and identify the problems they face in using the technologies. A multi-stage random sampling techniques was used to select sixty (60) women.Data...

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PREFACE Water can be said to be polluted when there is an introduction of a harmful substances in such a way that its natural qualities are so altered as to impure its usefulness or render it offensive to the sense of taste, smell or sight. Water pollution has so many ways of definition. However, the basic elements of most definitions are the concentration of particular pollutant in water for sufficient period of time to cause certain effect. If it related health such as the ones caused ...

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ABSTRACTWater is life.  Its importance in the socio-economic development of any nation could not be overemphasized.  The small proportion of water available inform of fresh water has been constantly polluted due to various activities of man thereby, leading to serious water related problems.  The study therefore, examines the importance and uses of water, sources of water contamination, water-related diseases, water pollution and causes of water pollution and effects, water tre...

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What is leadership

Whst is leadership

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ABSTRACTThe study analyzed yam marketing in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were toTABLE OF CONTENTTitle page                                                        &...

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Zinc deficiency and its management in the Eastern Cape

ABSTRACT   This seminar examined zinc deficiency and its management in the Eastern Cape. A link between poverty which characterizes the Province and malnutrition resulting in mineral and vitamin deficiency, including zinc deficiency has been established. Symptoms such as growth retardation, hy...

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ABSTRACT This seminar looked at zinc deficiency in the Eastern Cape Province where largely rural small holder farmers are unable to keep up with best management practices to restore and maintain soil fertility. This is in contrast to the increasing number of large commercial farms who are able to manage their soil to optimal level of nutrients. Zin...

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