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ABSTRACTThe present work is an overview of greenhouse construction and some of the important factors on greenhouses such as the essentials for greenhouse structure construction, the functional requirements for greenhouse structures, the material requirements and quality of such materials, the different loads that greenhouses may be exposed to and how they can be taken care of during the planning and design stages. These factors affect the construction of greenhouses country wide and thus some...

Residual Efficacy of Tephrosia Vogelii on Diamond-Back Moth Plutella xylostella L. (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae).

Table of ContentsApproval iiDedication iiiAcknowledgement ivAcronyms vTable of contents viList of tables vList of figures viAbstract vii1.0.Introduction 11.1. Background 11.2. problem statement 21.3. Objectives 21.4. hypothesis 2Literature review 3Description of Tephrosia vogelii 3Uses of Tephrosia vogelii 3Insecticidal components of Tephrosia crude extracts 3Variation of Tephrosia vogelii chemistry 4Potential benefit of Tephrosia vogelii to the farmers 43.0. Materials and Methods 53.1. Sit...

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