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Ecotourism Development in Okomu National Park, Nigeria

We determined the impact of ecotourism infrastructural development on the woody components of Okomu National Park. This necessitated identifying the ecotourism attractions/facilities, interviewing of respondents and on-site observation and quadrant method were employed in acquiring information on ecotourism attractions/facilities and vegetation assessment respectively. Significant variations were observed in the tree growth variables measured between the ecotourism built-up and the control ar...

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Environmental Conservation And Safty 1 (Maintaining Balance) The Sun As The Source Of Earth’s Energy

Energy  is the ability or capacity to do work. All living things need energy to carry out the processes of life. Of all natural sources of energy, the SUN is the ultimate source of energy for the living world. The energy we receive from  the sun’s radiation is known as radiant energy. Plants use this to manufacture their own food. The green part of the plants captures the sun’s energy through the help of the chlorophyll, to manufacture its food through the process known as ...

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