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INTRODUCTION Weaning is the removal of a suckling animal from the mother. But, what might not be so obvious are all the stressors and impacts associated with weaning, both for the calf and the cow. Weaning can also be stressful for the owner of the animals, especially if the weaned calves are placed in a pen near a person’s bedroom window. As animal managers, we should try and make weaning as stress-free as we can, while ...

Effect of radiation on plant

Introduction Radiation is the process by which energy is emitted as either particles or waves. Broadly, it can take the form of sound, heat, or light. However, most people generally use it to refer to radiation from electromagnetic waves, ranging from radio waves, though the visible light spectrum, and up through to gamma wavesMost of the discussion about radiation, how it works, and what its effects are boil down to the interaction of radiation with atoms (and molecules) that it comes into c...

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ABSTRACTThis seminar looked at the benefits of food enrichment in food processing. Various enrichment items like vitamin A, Iron and Iodine were discussed. These will help add to the nutrients, which were absent or removed during food processing. This work also looked at the fortifying agents in salt (iodine and iron) milk and margarine (vitamin A and D), diet beverages (vitamins and minerals) among others. Food enrichment helps to treat or help prevent nutritional deficiencies and hence prom...

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