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ABSTRACTThis research work was carried out about the comparative analysis of agricultural and industrial development in Nigeria economy.  It wants to evaluate the contributions of the sectors to the economic development of Nigeria.   Nigeria is predominantly an agricultural society.  It is the source of raw materials for her industries and the source of food for the rural and urban dweller’s.  The purpose of this study is to asses the performance of the agricultural and...

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ABSTRACTBroiler production is carried out under different production systems and different production systems imply variations in cost of inputs andreturns. This study looked at the cost implications of raising broilers under different production systems as well as constraints faced by the farmers. Thestudy was conducted in Edo State of Nigeria. The data used in the study were obtained from a cross-sectional survey of broiler farmers in the State fromOctober–December, 2013. A multi-stage sa...

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Agricultural economics

Agriculture often appears to be one of the most difficult industries, frequently leading to some form of market failure. In the EU, agriculture is the most heavily subsidized industry, yet despite the cost of the subsidy it fails to address many issues relating to agriculture such as prices of agricultural produce. Prices in agricultural markets are often much more volatile than other industries. This is because:

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Demand Analysis for Tomato, Onion, Peppers, and Fresh Okra in Nigeria

The results found in this study have implications for local Nigerian food producers, retailers, other participants of the food sector, and government food policy makers.In this thesis the demand analysis for onion, peppers, fresh okra and tomato in Nigeria was conducted using General Household Survey data collected by the World Bank and the Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics. The two stage estimation procedure and Linear Approximation Almost Ideal Demand System addressing censoring were us...

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ABSTRACT The  study  investigates  the  determinants  of  adoption  of  improved  wheat  varieties  in  Robe  and Digelu Tijo Districts in Oromiya region. The objectives of this study were to assess factors that affect the adoption and intensity of use of improved wheat varieties production in Arsi zone with specific reference to Robe and Digelu Tijo districts. Three kebeles were randomly selected from each district and primary ...

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Economic analysis of group marketing of Pineapple in selected markets of Osun State, Nigeria.

Marketing of pineapple is as essential as its production since an effective marketing system helps to harmonize demand and supply and stimulate production. The study therefore analyzed returns to group marketing of pineapple in selected market of Osun state. The data for the study were randomly collected from twenty marketing groups (with five members from each group) with structured questionnaires. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, marketing margin and regression technique...

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Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Nigeria

ABSTRACTThis paper underscores the importance of entrepreneurship as a realistic mechanism for sustainable economic growth in Nigeria considering the experiences of developed nations like the United States and vibrant economies like China and India. The paper discusses that entrepreneurship has been instrumental in economic growth, balanced regional development and job creation in most dynamic economies, where technology is changing at a faster rate and the product lifetime cycle is shrinking...

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Income Polarization Among Undergraduates of University of Ibadan

ABSTRACTIn spite of increasing interest in income polarization among researchers in Nigeria, there is dearth literature on its existence among undergraduate students especially with the primary data. It is argued that a polarized income distribution among the students has the potential of breeding tension and social unrest, protest or demonstration if not checked.This study examined the existence of income polarization and inequality among undergraduate students of University of Ibadan. Unive...

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Marketing analysis of pineapple

The study analyzed the marketing of pineapple in Edo State. The specific objectives of the study include; to examine the cost,returns, daily sales and profitability of pine apple marketing along the examination of price variation and socio- economic characteristics of pineapple marketers. Table of contents: introduction, literature review, research methodology, result and discussion, summary conclusion and recommendation

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Nigerian finance system

INTRODUCTIONIn an attempt to carry out a comprehensive study of the financial system in Nigeria, it is highly necessary to explain the meaning and qualities of a system. This will in no small measure support our understanding of the dynamic nature of the financial system. According to Nzotta (1999), a system can be defined as an organized group of components (subsystems) linked together according to a plan, to achieve specific objects. Another point of view posits that a system is a set or as...

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