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In a large world like ours, sending

packages from place to place by a third party is inevitable since package

owners cannot be able to tour round all the desired destinations within the

required period. The existing courier service systems provide the service but

with less efficiency in terms of delivery, comfort, cost estimation from the

users’ point of view, and tracking of items in dispatch. This proposed system

offer to perform all courier transactions like providing users with a platform

to cost their parcel’s sending service, send package, track the package and

make complains in case of missing package from the comfort of their home. The

System was developed using Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology

(OOADM). The programming language used for the implementation include: HTML;

whereas PHP was used at the server backend. The outcome of the research and

development will ensure that customers easily participate effectively in

pre-courier, courier and post-courier
activities which

will drastically reduce the unbudgeted cost of transaction and build trust in

the courier service system.

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