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A clear insight into the affinity of biochar towards water is critical for its intended application. The state of the biochar would govern its use for a particular application. For example, hydrophilic biochar is preferred when sorption or organic contaminants are concerned. It is, at present, not clearly established the factors that govern the hydrophilicity and/or hydrophobicity of a biochar. Comprehension of the factors that affect the affinity of biochar towards water would aid to create a “designer biochar”.

The project would investigate the hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature of three different biochars made from three different biomasses and three different pyrolysis temperatures through contact angle test. Thus a correlation of the hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature of a biochar with pyrolysis temperature and feedstock would be established.

A background knowledge in biochar and environmental chemistry is preferred for the applying candidate. Dedication and devotion towards the project is a must.
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