Compulsory land acquisition and compensation ( a case study of Talba Housing Estate, Minna, Niger state.)

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acquisition of private property is inevitable in any society and government

usually exercise its power of eminent domain in this regard, this project

assessed whether payment of compensation was adequate or inadequate based on

the statutory provision and authority governing public land acquisition and

compensation payable in Nigeria. It focused on Talba Housing Estate Minna. The

provision of land Use Decree No.6 of 1978(known as Cap 202 LFN 1990) which is

still in use today and other various law have been in existence and they

regulate land acquisition  and

compensation on compulsory land acquisition. Chapter one introduced the topic “Compulsory

Acquisition and Compensation”, land acquisition, importance, aim and objectives

as well as scope of the study area. Chapter two talked on literature review on

compulsory land acquisition and compensation, concepts and comparative of other

countries, definition of terms, the compensation payable under the Land Use

Act, procedure for acquisition. Chapter three and four talked about research

methodology and data presentation, analysis respectively. Lastly, Chapter five

highlighted on findings made with regards to the principles and practice of

compulsory land acquisition and compensation in Nigeria together with

recommendation and conclusion.



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Abstract                                                                                                                      vi

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1.0       Introduction                                                                                                    1

1.1       Background

of the study                                                                                2

1.2       statement

of the problem                                                                                3

1.3       Aim

and objectives                                                                                         3

1.4       Limitation

of study                                                                                         4

1.5       Scope

of study                                                                                                            4

1.6       Significant

of the study                                                                                  4

1.7       Historical

background of the study                                                                5



2.0       Literature

review                                                                                             13

2.1       History

of land acquisition and compensation law in Nigeria                        13

2.2       Concepts

of compulsory acquisition and compensation                                 13

2.3       Comparative

study of other countries                                                                        16

2.4       Compensation

payable under Land Use Act 1978                                         17

2.5       Procedures

for acquisition                                                                              18

2.6       Problems

of compulsory acquisition and compensation                                 18

2.9       Definition

of terms                                                                                         20





3.0       Introduction                                                                                                    22

3.1       Research

Area                                                                                                 22

3.2       Population

of study                                                                                        22

3.3       Sampling

technique                                                                                         22

3.4       Sample

size                                                                                                     23

3.5       Method

of data collection                                                                              23

3.6       Method

of data analysis                                                                                 23

3.7       Procedures

for data analysis                                                                           24





4.0       Introduction                                                                                                    25

4.1       Machinery

for land acquisition and compensation                                         25

4.2       Preparation

and service of acquisition notice                                                 26

4.3       Clearance

for ownership                                                                                 26

4.4       categories

of acquired properties                                                                    26

4.5       Mode

of payment of compensation                                                                28

4.6       Claimants

evidence of ownership                                                                   28

4.7       Notification

of acquisition                                                                              28



5.0       Summary

of findings, recommendation and conclusions                               32

5.1       Summary

of findings                                                                                      32

5.2       Recommendations                                                                                          33

5.3       conclusions                                                                                                      34



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