Childbirth preparation classes

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Childbirth Preparation classes is an educational approach to labour and delivery in which the parents are specially prepared for the event. This covers all kinds of issues surrounding childbirth including breathing techniques, pain management, vaginal birth, and cesarean birth. They can help prepare you for many aspects of becoming a parent: the changes that pregnancy brings, labor and delivery, and caring for your newborn (Saunders,2013). Childbirth education began more than four decades ago as an attempt to change the concept of childbirth as an illness that required medical meddling. "The movement grew out of the realization that you didn't have to be zonked out on drugs during labor, and that you could have someone you love in the delivery room with you. The common goal of all birthing classes is to provide women with the knowledge and confidence they need to give birth and make informed decisions. This includes reducing their anxiety about the birth experience, as well as providing them with a variety of coping techniques to aid in pain management. Remember that the ultimate goal is to have a healthy mom and healthy baby (Henci,2008).
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