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The paper
discussed the crucial role of agricultural education as a key to national
development in Nigeria. The issue of education for self-reliance was
particularly examined. In the process, key terms like “agricultural science
education” and “self-reliance” were clarified. The paper acknowledged the fact
that Nigerian education policy is rooted in self-reliance as stated in the
National Policy on Education. The problem is that of poor implementation of
these policies. This has strangulated the nation’s quest towards political,
economic and human development. The present educational practice prevents the
graduates’ initiative to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical use.
The paper recommends among other things that the Nigerian education should be
organized forself-realization, self-sufficiency and self-reliance and this can
be effected through emphasis on vocational and technical education, with
particular reference to agricultural education.

agricultural science education, self-reliance.

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