A critique of federal character

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This paper analysis the suitability of federal character in Nigeria, it does this by analysing the various concepts which gave rise to the presumably benign principle, one of this concept is Federalism. Also, the paper seeks to articulate the reasoning behind the principle and see how the principle has fallen short of expectation. The paper achieves this goal by bringing a brief but accurate understanding of Federalism, Federal Character, the Nigeria’s demographical size and justiciable rights as to whether it vindicates federal character and the effects of Federal Character in Nigeria in recent times. Notably, the essay seeks to bring a link between Federalism and Federal Character; it shows that federalism is closely related to federal character, this is because federalism exists from an exploration of social antecedents and any of its concepts (one of which is federal character) will exist in similar fashion. The wide range suitability of its concepts depends on the structure of a state and the rationality of any of its theory will depend on its meeting the requirements as regards to certain parameters, one of which is the immutable concept of justiciable rights. The essay covers this by looking at the origin, meaning and an expansive critique of the principle.
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