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This bibliography on information source of types of library in Nigeria, 2004 – 2010 was undertaken as a prerequisite for my graduation. It is aimed at providing student of library science on insight into the material/ resources publish in their field inside Nigeria.
The title were collected from Books, Journals, Project, Theses, Bulletin and dissertation which helped me immensely.
This compilation will help the secondary school pupil and their teachers, and in establishing school library, it will help the acquisition librarian to acquire materials reasonable to the pupil and the primary school students and the lecturers in higher institution of learning, and also the students of library and information science it will help them a lot.
These compilations is arrange in alphabetical order from author index, chronological index and source index.
The Roget’s the saurus has listed the following as related to library.
1. Book depository
2. Information center
3. Country Library
4. Lending library
5. National library
6. Circuiting library
7. Municipal library
8. Public library
9. Special library
10. Rental library
11. Private library
12. Learning center 
13. State library

LIBRARY: is defined as the collection of written printed or other graphic or visual material organized and maintained for reading, studying and consultation.
It is also define as a collection of books, pamphlet, etc. Kept for reading and consultation; especially, such a collection anged to facilitate reference as by classification and indexing.
You can also say that a library is a place where books are professionally organized, centre of information and knowledge 
Library is a place where every human went on their own to research on topics and also to educate their brains. 
Library is basically concerned with the provision of reading and learning facilities irrespective of age or discipline and administration. The role of the library has changed over the years, consequently. Some definitions do not suit the concept and role of modern libraries.
For this modern definition of library is defines as the collection of books and non-books materials housed, organized and uninterpreted to meet the broad and varying needs for people for information, knowledge, recreation and cultural enjoyment.

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