Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I know a paper is free?

If a paper you wish to read or download does not have the premium sign then it is free to access.

+Can I publish papers I have published elsewhere on Afribary?

Yes, you can. Simply create and account and click on the 'Publish Your Paper' link.

+Can I get a refund or replacement for a paper/work I bought?

We only issue refunds or replacements when conditions for such are met as outlined in our refund policy.

+Can I receive a physical copy of a paper I ordered?

No. All papers and academic documents are available only in e-format.

+How can I file a complaint to Afribary?

If you are unhappy about your experience with Afribary you can send a direct complaint via the Contact Us page. We take every complaint seriously and our Product/Customer Service team will get in touch quickly.